About the Designer

Setting up for a show
Are we having fun yet? Grace and Theo setting up for a show.
In 2004, owner/designer Grace Woo founded New Year Designs with a small line of monkey cards that has grown to include 11 different animal characters and over 50 designs. Graceís professional training is as a graphic designer, but it is the influence of her bachelorís degree in Anthropology that has led cultural symbols and motifs to find their way into her card designs. Though unlike a good objective anthropologist, she freely ascribes human traits to animals, insects and plants.

The New Year Designs studio is located in a sunny spot in foggy olí San Francisco, California.

About the Cards

Whether itís because you were born in the year of the monkey or because monkeys make you laugh, everyone identifies with an animal. In all cultures animals represent different human traits and some are also believed to bring good luck. By choosing from these animals for our cards, New Year Designs combine a touch of cultural charm with a hint of a message to create a truly thoughtful card.

Our designs are:

  • Hand drawn then scanned into a computer for clean up and coloring
  • Printed in San Francisco by a union-owned shop
  • Printed on 30% recycled paper using soy-based inks

You can reach us at our new address:

New Year Designs
3150-18th Street, Suite 306
Box #306
San Francisco, California 94110
email: info@newyeardesigns.com
phone: 415.370-6460
fax: 415.282.7020


Every design studio seems to have a little mascot. Here's ours. She's not a runaway Ewok, she's Delilah, a copper-eyed calico persian, who was adopted from a cat rescue located in Mill Valley, California.

Delilah the cat has a frowny face and sometimes you can't tell which side is her head or tail.

Where to Buy
Featured Stores

Egg & Urban Mercantile, San Francisco: "one of San Franciscoís most unique purveyors of sublime and refined household goods."

Currents, San Francisco: in addition to cards, find fragrant soaps, bath teas and oils, aromatherapy candles, kids bath products, and much more,

Tutti Frutti, San Francisco: packed with fun gifts and cards for yourself and others.

Rubin Museum of Art, New York: the first museum in the Western World dedicated to the art of the Himalayas and surrounding regions.

Call or email us about special orders or wholesale.

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